Hakyll uses Pandoc to process markdown and code snippets. It’s very easy to integrate Kate to Hakyll for code highlighting. But I choose to switch to Pygments due to its support for many programming languages.

I found (this blog)[http://www.blaenkdenum.com/posts/the-switch-to-hakyll/], which briefly describes how Pandoc should be integrated with Pygments. Roughly speaking, Pandoc is an abstract syntax tree. A code highlighting process is a tree transformation. In Pandoc’s AST, the CodeBlock element is for code snippets. We match its patterns to supply our transformations:

-- The meta information:
-- * cls is the class you supplied in source block
-- * a list containing language declarations
-- * actual code block
pygTrans :: Block -> Block
pygTrans (CodeBlock (cls, [lang], _) code) =
    let composed = renderHtml $ H.figure !
                      (A.class_ . fromString) cls $ do
                      preEscapedToHtml (runPygment lang code)
    in RawBlock "html" composed
pygTrans x = x

The Pygment can be invoked with Pipe. Below is my code. It looks messy but it works. It’s by no means efficient as I did a bit list concatenations over strings.

runPygment :: String -> String -> String
runPygment lang txt = unsafePerformIO $ do
  mv <- newIORef ""
  runShell $ yield (C8.pack txt) >?>
           cmd ("pygmentize -l " ++ lang ++ " -f html") >->
           ignoreErr >-> go mv
  readIORef mv
      where go mvar = do
              bs <- await
              x  <- liftIO $ CE.try $ modifyIORef mvar (++(C8.unpack bs))
              case x of
                Left (G.IOError { G.ioe_type  = G.ResourceVanished
                                , G.ioe_errno = Just ioe })
                     | Errno ioe == ePIPE
                         -> return ()
                Left  e  -> liftIO (CE.throwIO e)
                Right () -> go mvar

As the last piece, Hakyll includes a functions pandocCompilerWithTransform that allows you to plug in your transformations.

customPandocCompiler :: Compiler (Item String)
customPandocCompiler =
    let customExtensions = [Ext_tex_math_dollars]
        defaultExtensions = writerExtensions defaultHakyllWriterOptions
        newExtensions = foldr S.insert defaultExtensions customExtensions
        writerOptions = defaultHakyllWriterOptions {
                          writerExtensions = newExtensions
    in pandocCompilerWithTransform

pygmentize :: Pandoc -> Pandoc
pygmentize (Pandoc meta bs) = Pandoc meta (map pygTrans bs)

Now we can use Pygment to highlight the code. You’d probably want to grab some code highlighting css files. Note that Pygments indeed runs slower than Kate, but it’s not a big deal for me.